There's no specific reason why today's blog post is dedicated to Maurice, other than I woke up remembering THAT interview, his last ever interview, with Terry Gross on NPR. I braved it and listened again this morning and it's just as beautiful as I remember.

If you've not watched the film of his book, Where the Wild Thing Are, track it down. The set-design, craftsmanship, soundtrack, even the trailer titles created by Geoff McFetridge are so thoughtfully made, it's a mini masterpiece.

The Smog Of The Sea

One of the reasons I started Feist Forest was to tackle disposability after seeing areas troubled with man-made waste across the world. I wished to contribute and make products that are built to last. We're only small, yet I hope we can grow our collective network and do more, Smog of The Sea has added fuel to the fire. It's an inspiring reminder of why it's necessary to challenge our plastic usage and disposable culture. The good guys at Plastic Pollution Coalition have created an informative website and suggestions of what we can DO to help.

Update : The full film appears to have been removed - new trailer below