We love to support fellow independent makers, and the chocolate company NomNom are looking for help! They've bravely taken over an abandoned chocolate factory and wish to turn it into a place that makes great chocolate as well as a farm that grows great people and ideas too. The wish to avoid the banks and grow in the hope they can turn the building into something truly remarkable, for everyone. Forever. 

Buy one of 1000 bricks and as a 'Builder' you'll get a handmade chocolate brick in a personalised tin and your name on a real brick on the farm. They also promise to offer a whole bunch of deliciousness, one of a kind experiences and a golden ticket to come break bread and dance at the Builders Tea Party here at The Abandoned Chocolate Factory. 

Nom Nom

Liam Burgess, the founder of Nom Nom chocolate

Lagom Magazine

Sam and Elliot of Lagom Magazine came to the TinTab studio armed with smiles, humour and a bundle of treasures to photograph for a feature named 'Finds'. These guys are championing independent creatives and makers around the world in a beautiful, honest and thoughtful way. We're stoked to feature alongside our friends at Solidwool in their latest issue. Be sure to grab a copy from this unique and down-to-earth Bristol based publisher to catch up on all things indy.


There's no specific reason why today's blog post is dedicated to Maurice, other than I woke up remembering THAT interview, his last ever interview, with Terry Gross on NPR. I braved it and listened again this morning and it's just as beautiful as I remember.

If you've not watched the film of his book, Where the Wild Thing Are, track it down. The set-design, craftsmanship, soundtrack, even the trailer titles created by Geoff McFetridge are so thoughtfully made, it's a mini masterpiece.